European Forum Alpbach

About the EFA

Alpbach 2020 in figures

4,275 participants
673 speakers
135 nationalities were represented
283 total numbers of sessions (63 hybrid, 160 online, 58 on-site)
145 pro bono programme curators

What is the European Forum Alpbach and what is its purpose?

The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Since 1945, we have dedicated ourselves to addressing the relevant socio-political issues of our time within the framework of the annual Forum in Alpbach and other events throughout the year.

We bring together international decision-makers from various backgrounds, an interested audience, and dedicated young people. We create a platform for a dialogue which is intergenerational, ideological and moves across borders.

We are committed to a sustainable, democratic society and to stimulate impulses for the further development of European integration with our events.

Who is the target audience of the European Forum Alpbach? Who is participating as a speaker and on which topics?

Every year the Forum Alpbach brings together a broad mixture of attendees. Politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists and opinion leaders of all kinds get in touch with scholarship holders from around 100 different countries. The Forum is constantly striving for increasing internationalisation and diversification of its participants. The European Forum Alpbach is intended to be a place for all people who, once a year, want to take a healthy dose of hope for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

The “Village of Thinkers” is the meeting place for those who enjoy contemplating, founding and planning about how we can achieve a better life for everyone. Visitors of Alpbach do all of this together, every year, surrounded by the impressive Tyrolean mountain landscape – making the Forum much more than a conference. In Alpbach, acquaintances and friendships are made, sometimes for life. For the Forum Alpbach there is nothing more valuable than to make a small contribution to the development of great ideas and endeavors.

Who stands behind the European Forum Alpbach and makes the decisions?

The European Forum Alpbach is a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. Our association is made up of numerous personalities who, with the exception of the organising team, work for the Forum Alpbach on a voluntary basis. They are involved in various committees and are committed to ensuring that our activities and events are of high quality, of relevance, and programmed in line with our mission statement.

The EFA is managed by the Executive Board. The Scientific Advisory Board and the Advisory Committees are responsible for programming our events. The organising team ensures that all events and the scholarship programme are well coordinated. The Council and the General Assembly determine guidelines for the activities of the association and the programme design. The Steering Committee monitors the running activities, especially the preparation of the summer event in Alpbach. The voice of the numerous independent Alpbach alumni associations is represented via an elected coordination team in all committees of the European Forum Alpbach.

How is the Forum Alpbach financed and where can I find information on financial transparency?

We are financed by participation fees, contributions by sponsors and, to a smaller extent, by public funds. Our non-profit private foundation is responsible for the scholarship programme which – with the help of private supporters – enables young people from all over the world to participate in the European Forum Alpbach each year.

Information on our finances can be found in the respective annual report of the Forum. Find the Annual Report 2020 here.

General Questions

What is the Forum doing for climate protection and the environment?

Green Meeting Alpbach is a project of the European Forum Alpbach and the Congress Centrum Alpbach. The aim is to make our event more sustainable and ecologically responsible. In July 2010, the European Forum Alpbach and the Congress Centrum Alpbach were the first events to be awarded the Austrian eco-label for Green Meetings.

Some of our measures

  • Environmentally friendly prints (eco-label certified)
  • Recycled office paper
  • Direct free shuttle service to Wörgl train station and back with connection to the long-distance train service. Details can be found here. (Due to the corona situation this service cannot be provided in 2020)
  • Evening free shuttle service from Alpbach to the accommodations (Due to the corona situation this service cannot be provided in 2020)
  • Use and recommendation of rail and climate-neutral travel
  • E-vehicles and hybrid models as vehicles
  • Electric bike rental for our participants
  • Catering with products from regional and organic production and fair-trade products
  • Energy-efficient IT
  • Waste separation

Does the event offer barrier-free access?

The honest answer is: The Forum Alpbach takes place in a mountain village with steep roads and will never be completely accessible for people with impaired mobility. The EFA is constantly striving to make improvements in terms of accessibility and to meet the needs of people with any disabilities as best as possible so that everyone can enjoy the Forum and take part in all events. For example, there is a pick-up service from the accommodation for physically handicapped persons. We are always open to suggestions in this regard.

Does this website comply with screen readers for visually impaired people?

Yes, this website is built according to the WCAG standards, which make it possible to be read by screen readers for visually impaired people.

I represent a company and would like to become a partner of the Forum, where do I go?

We are very pleased about your interest in a cooperation. Please send your enquiry to

In case of sexual harassment issues, how does the forum react?

Professional and appropriate behaviour is expected of staff, members and participants of the Forum at all times and places during the Forum events. The EFA has drawn up a Code of Conduct in this respect, which applies to all Forum members and participants. Furthermore, there is a separate ombudsperson whose purpose is to mediate in the event of violations.

More information here: Code of Conduct 

Forum 2021 and Corona

Will the European Forum Alpbach take place this year?

Another year has come around and the Corona crisis is still accompanying us ito the European Forum Alpbach 2021. In 2020 for the first time ever in European Forum Alpbach’s 76-year history we had to host a conference as an online event; only very few were granted the privilege to attend the event in person. Thankfully though, our online conference did help us reach a broad audience. Conitinuing in times of great uncertainty there is an increased need for discussion about how to restart our lives after the pandemic. The Forum would like to meet this need again this year. In 2021, the EFA will take place as a real hybrid conference, integrating the following formats:

  • hybrid (the conference format takes place at a physical venue, speakers can join in online, interactive, live participation is also possible online – there is an online audience and a physical one)
  • digital (conference formats that are not physically bound to Alpbach – participants can attend online)
  • analogue (conference formats that exclusively take place in Alpbach and can only be attended in person – no online audience)

In accordance with the currently applicable safety regulations, we are happy to announce that from 18 August to 3 September we will hopefully be welcoming up to 1,000 on-site participants a day, including speakers, scholarship holders and cooperation partners. As health and safety remain our topmost priority, we have decided to limit the number of tickets available. This allows us to duly comply with all regulations and requirements to ensure a safe procedure on site.

What we can assure you right now is unlimited access to our digital conference. The majority of our programme contents will be available in hybrid format.

How will you take care of security and health at the European Forum Alpbach 2021?

The security and health of all contributors at the Forum Alpbach have absolute priority. We are aware of the decisions of the Austrian Government regarding big events in the summer of 2021 and will strictly comply with these regulations. On site, the event will take place with necessary security measures with a greatly reduced number of attendees. Otherwise, the Forum will take place as a digital conference. Our focus will be to ensure distance and hygienic regulations and to not take any unnecessary risks. The Forum Alpbach is in constant exchange with the community of Alpbach and the local health institutions.

Will the Forum survive the Corona time financially?

Similar to many others it is a financially and otherwise very challenging time. We do everything in our power to lead the Forum through these complicated times and to make responsible budgetary decisions. We acknowledge and appreciate those who remain connected to the Forum and offer their financial support. The Forum Alpbach is not any event, it is a mutual commitment to a better world and a better life for all. We feel assured that most of our partners share this vision, even in times of Corona.

Which representatives of the government will attend Alpbach 2021?

Representatives of the governing parties are invited to the Forum just like in any other year. We kindly ask for your understanding that the federal government is faced with extraordinary challenges - not only in terms of planning schedules - in these difficult times. Find the programme here.

How many people will attend the European Forum Alpbach 2021?

In accordance with the currently applicable safety regulations, we are happy to announce that from 18 August to 3 September we will be welcoming up to 1,000 on-site participants a day, including speakers, scholarship holders and cooperation partners. As health and safety remain our topmost priority, we have decided to limit the number of tickets available. This allows us to duly comply with all regulations and requirements to ensure a safe procedure on site.

Does the Forum 2021 have events that are free of charge?

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, which challenges the Forum Alpbach financially, it is not possible for us to offer events with free admission this year. This is also connected to the fact that regular participation in the Forum is strictly regulated to greatly reduced number of attendees.

I am the organizer of a social event which occurs each year in Alpbach. IS IT POSSIBLE TO HOST A SOCIAL EVENT THIS YEAR?

Social Events can only be hosted as part of a partnership with the European Forum Alpbach. As the main organiser, we have a responsibility to ensure that current legal regulations and our own security and prevention concept are implemented. As a result, the organisation of social events must be planned in close coordination with us. If you are interested in hosting a social event, please reach out to

I have heard about invitations to social events that take place during the Forum in Alpbach or I have been invited myself. What is this all about?

The participation at any social event during the Forum in Alpbach requires registration for the respective symposium, to ensure the correct implementation of the current legal regulations and our own security and prevention concept. For further information regarding the on-site participation please have a look at the FAQs of Ticketing and Registration.

I am specifically invited to the Forum, because I am a speaker, moderator or media representative etc. and would like to take my children along. Will there be child care possibilities?

Unfortunately, in 2021 we cannot provide child care or a children’s programme in Alpbach. Children can come to Alpbach on the responsibility of their parents.

I am specifically invited to the Forum, because I am a speaker, moderator or media representative etc. and would like to have a room at the Böglerhof or the Alpbacherhof.

We gladly take your preferences into consideration and will try our best to fulfil your wish. We place great value in our loyal partners of the Tyrolian hotels, and want to see them going through this crisis the best way possible, in order to ensure to be able to serve you the following years. Out of solidarity to the small businesses in Alpbach, which heavily rely on congress tourism, the Forum has made advance reservations at almost all hotels and guesthouses in Alpbach this year so that no one goes away empty-handed. We ask for your understanding and can promise you in any case that you will get a room in Alpbach within walking distance of the Congress Centrum.

Journalists and media representatives

I represent a media organisation and would like information about the Forum/an interview with the president of the Forum or with a speaker/a press accreditation for this year’s Forum/to become media partner. Who do I contact?

We appreciate your interest. Please head over to Press for more information.

Is it possible for journalists to get an accreditation for the Forum 2021 (analogue or digitally)?

Yes, this is possible. Please head over to Press for more information.

Is there going to be a room for interviews in Alpbach?

Yes, there will be a press room availale for intereviews in Alpbach. For further details please contact